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RotaOne is a powerful time and attendance system. Whether you’re a small hotel or a multinational manufacturing company, RotaOne helps you manage shifts and staff rotas, record employee time and attendance, control employee holidays, absences and much more!

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A selection of device screens showing examples of RotaOne's software in operation. Includes stylised views of staff management, rota planning, list of jobs and administration screens.

RotaOne Features

RotaOne is packed full of features that will help you plan your staff rotas and easily manage your workforce, saving you hours or even days every month.
Whatever sector you're in, RotaOne Time & Attendance works to make your life easier.
  •  Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing Industry

    Learn more about how our time and attendance software reduces costs and staff planning headaches for the Manufacturing Industry

    Time & Attendance within the Manufacturing sector is both commonplace and crucial in ensuring the right resources are in the right places at the right times. There are many unique challenges faced by the manufacturing industry.

  •  Hotels and Hospitality

    Hotels and Hospitality

    Discover how our time and attendance software helping clients improve efficiency and reduce costs within the Hotels and Hospitality sector

    Within the hospitality sector, keeping track of staff can be difficult. Requirements to adapt plans at short notice, planning for a variety of roles, split shifts, daily, weekly and seasonal demand, weekly payroll requirements, and often a high turnover of staff all go to make staff management something of a headache within the sector.

  •  Care Homes

    Care Homes

    Understand how our time and attendance systems help care homes save money whilst improving efficiency and compliance

    The provision of time and attendance solutions for the healthcare sector, in particular Care Homes, is a growing sector for Thinking Software. The need to effectively oversee staffing in a 24/7/365 working environment is crucial in such healthcare settings.

  •  Logistics and Transportation

    Logistics and Transportation

    As every second counts within transport and logistics industry, you need a time and attendance solution which can keep up. RotaOne is the answer

    With significant increases in e-commerce sales in recent years, and particularly since the global pandemic of 2020, the pressure on logistics and transportation industries has drastically risen. Demand and expectation on fast delivery times and availability of goods puts pressure on the sector to meet the changing needs of consumers.

  •  Retail


    Keep track of your staff attendance the easy way. RotaOne offers powerful time and attendance tracking for Retail environments

    Now, more than ever before, many retail companies face an uncertain future. With ever-increasing competition, uncertain demand from customers, and increasing labour costs, it has become more important to tightly manage spend in order to survive.

  •  Construction


    Our powerful time and attendance is perfect for managing busy construction environments and ensuring health and safety compliance

    Such environments can be extremely difficult to manage when it comes to the logistics of planning, scheduling and setting timelines. Within the Construction sector, contractors know that they have to track hours worked for a number of reasons.