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Flexible working or not flexible working? That is the question

In recent articles I have discussed the benefits of Flexible working and how, here at Thinking Software, we are helping organisations to manage their staff that work these hours.

That said, while it may work for some organisations, others require their employees to work more fixed, structured hours, ensuring that they have the necessary resource available at the relevant times.

While we have seen some of the more positive outcomes of Flexible working, recently I came across the article: “Flexible working can make you ill because you stay stressed all the time, say experts.” The title is blunt to say the least and provides the counter argument that perhaps we have yet to elude to in recent articles. It goes on to state:

“Flexible hours can make employees ill because they find it harder to switch off from their work, experts have said. Working away from the office or part-time can create an ‘always on’ culture that keeps stress hormones persistently high, they claim. Their arrangements can also irritate colleagues who feel flexible workers have a cushier work-life balance and so could leave them isolated socially.”

Now personally, while I can understand how this could potentially happen with the introduction of more flexible working hours, I believe that it’s a case of finding what is appropriate for both the employer and employee.

If the only way that an employee can support their family and find employment is by working more flexible hours, then for me an employer offering the ability to achieve this can only be a good thing. It is down to both parties to ensure that by adopting this working method that it doesn’t become damaging to the member staff.

Here at Thinking Software we have great experience in helping organisations across a variety of market sectors, with both flexible and fixed working hours. While I have mentioned more about assisting those who provide more flexible working hours in recent articles, our solution is commonly used in the likes of the Hospitality and Care sectors, where it is imperative that the relevant staff members work their planned shifts.

In fact Heather Jones, Human Resources Manager for The Holiday Inn was particularly happy when they decided to take on Rota Horizon:

“Allowing department managers to plan ahead quickly and easily was always high on the agenda. With Horizon, these needs are more than met — managers are spending less time implementing and adjusting their daily rota, holidays are managed more effectively and instances of lateness and absence are monitored more closely. The time saving was quickly noticed and appreciated around the hotel, as was the mass of accurate and up-to-date information which hadn’t been available in the past. “Daily financial information, such as the projected payroll output, gives me a clear indication that we are operating on budget”

The Department Rota allows you to plan exactly when staff members in their different departments needs to be on shift. Employees will clock in & out using the terminal you opt for (proximity fob or biometric) highlighting whether they are on time or not. A lot of organisations will simply plan one week at a time, however there is the ability using the Workgroups function to design longer cycles for a duration of your choice, that can be saved as a template and rolled out as often as you wish.

For those that are particularly interested in forecasting and budgeting, the Department Summary Report is absolutely ideal. Rota Horizon has the ability to communicate with any Payroll Software, or we can assist you pulling pay rate values for employees from excel spreadsheets containing this information. By understanding what hours employees are working at the correct pay rates you can effectively forecast and ensure you remain within your allocated budget.

If you believe your organisation could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution, please call our sales team on 0800 854 471 or contact us online, we understand that this may very well be an exploratory conversation to learn more about the software which we welcome.

To read more on the article discussed click on the following link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3381757/Flexible-working-make-ill-stay-stressed-time-say-experts.html

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