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How do you manage remote Workers?

I came across the article “Seven fallacies about managing virtual/remote teams” recently which could not have been more fitting to recent developments here at Thinking Software. I’m sure you and your organisation have encountered the conundrum: Could we be more effective is people could work remotely? Would this make us more efficient and drive down operational spend?

The article explores what essentially tend to be the misconceptions when implementing this change to company culture. The general consensus is that embracing remote working is a positive thing, if like with all business decisions, it is managed properly and the necessary planning has be done before it is introduced.

This is reinforced when it states: “It can result in cost-savings and open up a wider pool of talent from which to choose. It can bring the benefit of having local representation. It supports preferences of “millennials” and much has been written about the observed increase in worker satisfaction and performance when based remotely.”

So this only sounds like a positive thing to introduce, what could be the potential drawbacks to allowing people to work remotely? The same question could be applied to staff who are client facing and spend their time visiting existing or prospective clients, how do you manage these members of staff effectively?

The article goes on to address this saying: “What we see with many organisations making this shift is that they don’t prepare for it. Neither do they understand the reality and implications of the myriad of challenges that such an environment presents.”

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software and is particularly relevant at this moment in time? Well, our enterprise Workforce Management tool, Rota Horizon, is designed to provide organisations with the perfect tool to plan and manage their staff to the optimum efficiency. So this is whether staff are based at one of your main locations, or working remotely, Rota Horizon acts as your biggest ally in ensuring your workforce are as productive as possible.

In the last week we have completed developments to our Self Service Module, an already very popular module with existing clients. The Self Service module allows your employees to be more involved in their own management and saves on administration time. For example, holiday planning can be streamlined by replacing a paper-based process with electronic requests and notifications. Now, because Horizon Self Service is browser based, your staff can use it anytime and anywhere.

So the Self Service module historically has allowed your employees to:

  • Swipe In and Out
  • View their work schedule
  • Request annual leave
  • Check remaining holiday entitlement
  • Set their availability
  • Self Service New Feature

However with reference to remote workers, we have made a further development to Self Service that helps you further when managing remote workers. The module now has GPS tracking capability. This is perfect for staff members who are going to visit clients off site and need to clock in for work at their exact location to say they have arrived safely and on time. This does also avoids members of staff fabricating their actual location if they have failed to get to their expected location on time.

With reference to the discussed article, while there may be some preparation needed for the introduction of allowing employees more freedom on their working destination, using Rota Horizon and Self Service will definitely assist is managing the approach.

So if you believe that your organisation could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or contact us. At this stage we appreciate that this may well be very much an exploratory conversation to learn more about the software which we very much welcome. Please also feel free to request a no obligation demonstration of the software by clicking here.

To read the article discussed please click here.

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