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How do your working hours effect your stress levels?

Today I came across the Article; “54% say working hours negatively affect stress levels” and it reminded me of the article I published back in November; “Are you concerned about workplace fatigue?”

The two very much go hand in hand and it seems that the issue isn’t disappearing, the negative effects of working too many hours appears to be embedded into British working culture. Both articles highlight how this has now become common place within the workplace, the negative effects that it’s having as a result, yet clearly the demands from Employers have ensured this hasn’t changed a great deal and is looking unlikely to do so.

In fact the article highlights a study that was conducted, “The Quality of Life,” that found the following results:

“76% of respondents are proud to work for their employer, compared to 64% in 2012. The same number believe in the values of their organisation, and 61% feel fairly treated by their employer, up from 54% in 2012.

57% of respondents suffer from headaches and constant irritability due to their workload.

61% say technology makes it difficult to switch off from work, and one in five (20%) respondents check their email all the time outside of working hours while 54% check it frequently.

39% of respondents agree that their employer should restrict out-of-hours email access, including 43% of those who check email all the time.

68% of respondents who rate themselves as less than 70% productive say technology has made it hard for them to switch off from work, compared to 56% of those who are more than 90% productive.”

So while the majority of staff members are happy to work for their employers, the evidence suggests that the working duration is the catalyst to increased levels of stress. As a result this is not only having a negative impact on employee’s health, but working productivity too.

This is something that can be monitored and addressed by all organisations and here at Thinking Software we want to help you achieve exactly that. Our Enterprise Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon, empowers you with the understanding of exactly what hours staff are working against their planned shifts, so as an organisation you can be proactive in reducing this problem.

The immediate report that springs to mind that would be particularly useful to keep an eye on in this scenario would be the ‘Contracted Hours’ Report. With all reports within Rota Horizon you will specify the time period you wish to run them to and from, then in this period it highlights their contracted hours against the hours they actually completed. So if an individual in only contracted to work 40 hours in a week and they actually complete 60, this is exactly the information you require to understand that employee is potentially going to be stressed by their workload.

In order to help combat this you can also specify contract rules against an individual which too could help to combat this. For example you could specify that an individual is to work no more than 40 Hours in one week, so when looking to complete the Department Rota, if you then try to put that individual down to exceed those hours, you will be prompted that this rule is about to be broken.

On top of this using Lieu balances effectively could also assist with this, as these can be populated within Rota Horizon and automatically calculated. With this being the case you could ensure that, if an employee works significantly over their contracted hours in one particular week, the following week they are rewarded with reduced hours to compensate.

So if you believe that your organisation could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or contact sales. At this stage we appreciate that this may well be very much an exploratory conversation to learn more about the software which we very much welcome. Please also feel free to request a no obligation demonstration of the software by clicking here.

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