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How long does it take to complete your organisations payroll?

To the vast majority of people within the company, payroll may well be something that you have little experience dealing with and will be blissfully unaware that calculating this can be stressful and time consuming to say the least.

You may be a salary paid individual and on this basis it would be fair to forgive you to a certain degree for not understanding the magnitude of this task. However if your organisation offers you the ability to work additional hours to those you are contracted, or you have plenty of zero hours employees that are simply paid for the hours they complete, then managing and ensuring people are paid accurately can be a stressful task.

Not only that but people may get different pay rates, you may get pay and a half or double time for any additional hours in a week/month on top of your contracted hours. You may also work in a different department at some points in the week and get paid a different pay rate and then there is the holiday overtime legislation that has been recently introduced, all of which will be calculated by those in charge of Payroll.

How is this relevant to us here at Thinking Software?

Our Enterprise Workforce Management, Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon directly looks to reduce unnecessary payroll spend and increase the efficiency of it being completed.

The Horizon Pay-Link module links Horizon to Payroll and HR systems. This allows you to download data, such as hours worked and absence days, from Horizon into these systems.

This saves administration time and increases data accuracy, as information does not have to be manually entered. Some of our customers have cut their payroll administration time from a few days to a matter of hours using the Pay-Link module.

You can also import employee data from these systems into Rota Horizon, so duplicated data entry is reduced (or even eliminated) when, for example, you take on a new employee.

While we can communicate with any Payroll Software, we have a completed Seamless integration with both Sage and Pegasus. This means that once all employee hours have been checked in Rota Horizon, those hours can exported directly to the relevant system, matching the hours against the necessary pay rates, essentially completing your payroll for you.

So if you believe that your organisation could benefit from our Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or enquire below for more information. Please also feel free to request a software web demonstration by clicking here and providing the details requested.

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