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What effect has the Olympics had on your organisation?


It comes around every four years and is arguably the most famous sporting event on the planet. With The Olympic Games consisting of so many events, if your employees have a passion for sport, then the likelihood is that they will want to witness them at some point during work hours.

I came across the article: “Olympics 2016: Bosses advised to let staff change their work schedule to watch Rio Olympics.” (Chloe Chaplain, 2016, Evening Standard) In line with the title, it discusses how Employers should look to be more flexible where possible around working hours, with employees that are keen to see their favourite athletes in action.

The articles states: “Many businesses need to maintain a certain staffing level in order to survive and employers should have a set of simple workplace agreements in place before the starting gun goes off for the Olympic Games. These agreements can help ensure businesses remain productive whilst keeping staff happy too.”

Large events like The Olympic Games, World Cups for all sports and other prestigious sporting events that go on for a long duration present the same dilemma. With people entitled to Annual Leave this will be in high demand during these events. But as the events people wish to see can last only up to a couple of hours, some employers will see it as reasonable for their staff to work more flexibly to ensure they can do both.

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software?

For those of you not familiar with us here at Thinking Software, we have developed and support our Enterprise Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon.

It provides you with the perfect Workforce Management tool to accurately record and monitor employee attendance. Our solution also seamlessly integrates with the majority of Access Control Manufacturers hardware, more information on those we currently integrate with can be found here.

The solution allows you to: Electronically plan your staff rotas more efficiently, produce over 150 Time & Attendance reports, Monitor lateness, absence & break times, Calculate employee work and overtime hours as well as exporting accumulated hours to any payroll system or excel spreadsheet to match these up against the relevant pay rates.

With reference to the article specifically, one of the main problems The Olympics is likely to cause organisations is managing staff movements. Giving people the ability to work flexibly is great in theory but without the tool to ensure that employee has completed their contractual hours, it’s very difficult to track.

Rota Horizon allows you to Roster Staff and apply Flexi-time to their profile. This means that outside the core hours where the employee must be on site, that Employee is free to make up the rest of their contractual obligation when they choose. This is recorded by them clocking in and out with a terminal or On Line using the Self Service Module.

The Self Service Module is also very relevant in this scenario allowing employees to work remotely being able to clock themselves in and out for work from any location. This is GPS tracked so management know where the employee has been completing their work, but allows for greater freedom meaning they could work from home at the time of their event, ensuring optimum productivity is achieved.

So if you feel you could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or contact us below. Please also feel free to request a software web demonstration by clicking here and providing the details requested.

To read the article discussed please click here.

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