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What time do you finish your working day?

Every Friday at 3.30pm – a time many cubicle rats are still working off the post-lunch food coma – staff at Singapore architectural and design firm Ministry Of Design are calling it a day.”

I came across this when reading the article: “Calling it a day at 3.30pm: Firms help employees strike work-life balance.” As an employee it made great reading understandably. While I love working here with the guys at Thinking Software, knocking off at 3:30 would present me with the opportunity to devote more time to my hobbies and family.

In turn you would like to hope this would have a positive impact on Employee Morale, meaning that in the hours they are at work, they will be more productive. In theory it sounds great for both Employer and Employee, sadly this approach wouldn’t work for us here at Thinking Software (Panic not Steve, calm can be restored, your workforce isn’t disappearing premature).

I know in my role that the Sales Office needs to be manned up until 5:30, as does the support team. I’m sure our customers using Rota Horizon wouldn’t take too kindly to us leaving work early, leaving them requiring assistance in what are seen in the UK as pretty standard working hours (Monday to Friday – 8:30am – 5:30pm)

However the article states that: “Singapore Human Resources Institute president Erman Tan, 51, feels encouraged that more organisations are implementing practices to improve work-life balance among their staff.

He says: “We are heartened to see more organisations shifting from the one-way-street mentality of getting more out of people, to investing in meeting people’s core needs, so that they are inspired to give 100 per cent to their jobs. This will ultimately contribute to a happier and more productive workforce and ensure long-term competitiveness for the nation as a whole.”

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software?

Back in October I produced an article “Could working less hours result in greater productivity?” The article discussed in this not only reinforced the school of thought that it could benefit both employers & employees, but highlighted that we can help organisations manage these approaches.

In that publication I highlighted the ‘Contracted Hours’ Report that highlights against an employees contracted hours in a select time period, what they have actually completed to ensure staff haven’t been exceeding these significantly. I also discussed how you can easily plan staff rota’s so you know when staff are due to be in and leaving and we provide the hardware for them to clock in and out to highlight they have done exactly this.

The other reports that could assist in ensuring that employees stick to the new approach and enjoy the befits of leaving early, are the ‘Missing Swipes’ and ‘Planned vs Actual’ Reports.

‘Missing Swipes is pretty self explanatory, it simply highlights when staff haven’t clocked in or out. So if you were run this report at 3:45pm each day, it would highlight those who hadn’t left at the proposed 3:30 finish.

‘Planned vs Actual’ looks at what shifts employees were meant to work in a time period specified by you, against the times they actually clocked in and out. This too would highlight both if employees fell short of their expected hours, or significantly exceeded them, making it great report to assist with achieving the work/life balance.

Alternatively you could offer employees an effective way to manage their own working days, empowering them to dictate when they complete their hours. Simply by clocking in and out Rota Horizon will record the hours an employee has worked in a week, highlighting the balance to that employee so they ensure they completed what is expected of them. This then enables them to devote more time when they can and finish earlier when it’s appropriate providing that employee with far greater freedom.

So if you believe that your organisation could benefit from a Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471. At this stage we appreciate that this may well be very much an exploratory conversation to learn more about the software which we very much welcome. Please also feel free to request a software web demonstration by clicking here and providing the details requested.

To read the article discussed please click here.

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