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How vulnerable is your workplace to fire or disaster?

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I came across the article: “The troubling fire record of UK recycling plants” which highlights an industry where fires appear to be more common than in the majority of others. It goes on to state:

“There were on average more than 300 fires per year at waste and recycling plants in the UK between 2001 and 2013. In May, 40 firefighters tackled a blaze that burned for two days at a recycling plant near Rotherham. The same month, 24 residents were evacuated from their homes in Manchester after computer parts went up in flames at a recycling plant in Swinton.” (Oliver Balch, 2017, www.theguardian.com)

Recycling plants clearly do posses the materials and environment necessary for a blaze to start and be fueled, with containing it being a challenge to say the least. However the implication made in the article is that the way materials are stacked and the close proximity of them just makes sites extremely vulnerable to this sort of thing happening. The article goes on to state:

“Improving the troubling fire record of the UK waste sector is the subject of new guidance from the Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum WISH (pdf). Recommendations in the report range from installing sprinklers and other fire-extinguishing systems though to training staff in fire-fighting tactics and evacuation procedures.

“Investment in fire prevention equipment doesn’t come cheap. UK waste firm Renewi, for instance, is investing £10m to improve fire safety at its 36 British recycling plants over the next three years.”

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software?

For those of you unfamiliar with us, here at Thinking Software we develop and support Workforce Management, Time & Attendance Software. MUSTERD is a product that has stemmed from dated ways that this can be addressed in Time & Attendance and Access Control by producing unreliable roll call reports.

So like with all technology, here at Thinking Software we are proud to always been innovating with our creations. MUSTERD is simply the answer to making basic roll call dated method it should be and using more robust and reliable technology to provide you Fire/Disaster Marshals with a more accurate understanding of where people are when disaster strikes.

Need is very much the mother of invention. We have been working in partnership with Access Control Manufacturers for a long period of time and are very proud to do so. However in the event of a fire, naturally it becomes vulnerable and in that environment can be forced into being disabled. The Access Control system produces a very basic roll call report, all of which is unavailable when disabled.

MUSTERD is an evacuation system that communicates with the Cloud and provides in-time information on the members of staff present on-site. In the event of a fire everyone who is on-site within the Access Control System is made unsafe and staff will make their way to the roll call points where they will meet the fire marshal armed with a MUSTERD device.

With reference to the article specifically, MUSTERD represents another effective way of demonstrating your organisation is doing all it can to be compliant around fire safety. Putting the safety of your employees first is imperative for any organisation and the system is offering something innovative, that Roll Call and Evacuation procedures have lacked for too long.

So why wait any longer to bring this into the 21st century like you would with roles that can heavily assisted by software. MUSTERD enables your staff responsible for making people safe to communicate effectively when tensions are running high in a disaster. The technology also ensure it’s operational in the toughest of conditions ensuring you can always make people safe.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can arrange to see it in action through you’re own 20 minute web demonstration that can be arranged by calling our team on 0800 854 471. Otherwise though please visit or website for further information that can be found at:


To read the article discussed please Click Here.

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