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Did you know that your access control system can do more than give your employees building access?

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I came across the article “Building and City Automation Driving Growth for Access Control” (ABI Research, July 2018, www.prnewswire.com) highlighting how the Security Industry has evolved. The article discusses how it’s introduction was to simply allow or deny access to a building for people, where as now clients are demanding so much more from the data produced.

“The next-generation access control opportunity is presenting itself via tie-in and convergence with other technologies and services, most notably within the smart cities and building automation domains, leaning on access control credentials as a means of further automating systems and personalizing experiences.”

So rather than simply providing access the market is becoming more sophisticated with its offering to end users, essentially providing a profile for employees entitling them to their own permissions. This results in the end user gaining greater value from the solutions meaning they can benefit from more than just its primary function.

The article goes on to highlight how the solutions are developing further from just the B2B market and constantly evolving by serving Consumers too, with pre-paid cards giving people access to venues for business and recreation. It’s this greater functionality that provides these Access Control systems with a far greater return on investment.

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software then?

For those of you not familiar with us here at Thinking Software, we have developed and support our Enterprise Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon.

It provides you with the perfect Workforce Management tool to accurately record and monitor employee attendance, make staff planning far easier and communicate employee hours with any form of Payroll Software.

Rota Horizon also seamlessly integrates with the majority of Access Control Manufacturers hardware, more information on those we currently integrate with can be found Here.

With reference to the article being discussed specifically, it’s that exact point that we focus on. Rota Horizon has an SQL database the same as the Access Control Manufacturers that we communicate with. As a result we extract the data that is collected when staff enter and leave the building that is then used to populate our Workforce Management, Time & Attendance tool.

You may well have seen the screen shot below of the Department Rota in Rota Horizon. This highlights members of staff with their shifts in a conventional working week. the information we pull from The Access Control System informs the organisation whether the employee was on time, whether they completed their shift or completed overtime.

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Management then have the platform to manage the exceptions, the anomalies with reference to their planned shift, which then produces the exact number of hours the employee has worked. This can then be exported to any payroll piece of software or excel spreadsheet used for Payroll. If you used Sage or Pegasus we have a seamless integration.

So if you feel you could benefit from a Workforce Management, Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To read the article discussed please Click Here.

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