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Have you ever considered your Operational Processes?

operational process

Here at Thinking Software pride ourselves on helping our clients with Workforce Management, Time & Attendance and Evacuation Management & Emergency Roll-Call solutions. This is to the point that they can be integrated if you so desire, providing a more innovative and complete solution.

We want to prompt you to think about whether you have considered the way you do things currently and perhaps you know it's not the best approach or perhaps you're blissfully unaware. Either way, it's worth exploring as there are payroll savings to be made and proof that you did all you could in a disaster to make everyone safe.

Have you ever considered how you manage staff hours currently? If not then our Rota Horizon is the perfect tool to help you do that. Understanding that you have adequate resource devoted to each department is a big part of the system, so management can understand that planned shifts have been completed and where staff have fallen short of exceeded their contractual obligations.

The misconception is that this is 'Big Brother' watching staff but it's not. By staff clocking in and out for planned shifts, management are aware that the necessary jobs are being completed by the necessary people. Just by staff clocking in and out against planned shifts this can complete the payroll process, again improving this financially and operationally.

The department rota highlighted below plays a key part in using Rota Horizon. It's here that managers can ensure shifts have gone to plan or manage exceptions (lateness or overtime). By doing this, managers can even budget and forecast, making sure they don't overspend in each department. By understanding the hours that staff are working, at the pay-rates they're being paid at, this will produce an accurate forecast to compare to the budget set.

On the other hand, have you ever been in a situation where the premises has needed evacuating because disaster has struck? The Roll-Call process consists of a list of names that you think are there and can only be accessed if the network hasn't gone down already. If that's the case it's leaving you very vulnerable if the worst was to happen.

Musterd has been designed to make the evacuation process easier to manage and work in the toughest environments and remain operational when the other network infrastructure is no longer operational. It's this solution that gives you greater confidence that you know what's going on in the mayhem that an evacuation can cause.

Musterd has two versions; Roll-Call (focused on organisations where it's predominantly their staff, with few visitors) that provides the technology to understand that specific individuals have been made safe, and Sweep & Clear (focused on organisations with lots of visitors, including hospitals, sport/music arenas, museums) - that ensures that zones have been cleared by marshals to provide feedback on their status (Safe or Unsafe).

Whilst this is just a snapshot of our offerings at Thinking Software, it should be enough to make you want to explore both solutions in greater detail to assess whether you're currently adopting best practice. We'd be more than happy to accommodate this by giving a web demonstration, where we can also answer any questions you may have on either system.

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