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How much does your organisation consider your stress levels?

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When it comes to employment everybody has different aspirations in terms of what they want to achieve from their job. Those who are career driven may well put in all the hours they can in order to secure a promotion or essentially get to where they want to be. Others on the other hand may see works as a means to an end and only do what’s expected of them.

Perhaps this is a controversial subject, but there is no one to say that one perception is more valid than the other, it again all comes back to your aspirations and what you want to achieve. I came across the article; “Half of Workers do nothing to relieve work stress,” (Cerys Palmer, 2018, https://businessnewswales.com) which prompted me to think what is an adequate amount to strain yourself for your employer.

The article eludes to the fact that it appears to be the employees themselves that don’t prioritise this and that as a result, the employers would benefit from doing so for them. The logical suggestion is that employees will be more productive at work if less stressed, so anything that can be done to achieve this would be beneficial. The article states:

“It’s in bosses’ interests to ensure that employees actually do take measures to manage their stress levels – whether that’s communicating how important this, allowing them flexi-time so that they can attend whatever activity it is that they do to relieve stress, or even providing company-sponsored classes or workshops.”

So how does this apply to us here at Thinking Software then?

For those of you not familiar with us here at Thinking Software, we have developed and support our Enterprise Time & Attendance solution, Rota Horizon.

It provides you with the perfect Workforce Management tool to accurately record and monitor employee attendance, make staff planning far easier and communicate employee hours with any form of Payroll Software.

Rota Horizon also seamlessly integrates with the majority of Access Control Manufacturers hardware, more information on those we currently integrate with can be found Here.

With reference to the article being discussed specifically, one of the easiest ways to ensure employees aren’t overdoing it at work is by understanding the hours they are completing. From a very simple perspective, if individuals have a certain number of contracted hours on a weekly basis that they are regularly exceeding, this is an obvious factor that could be causing stress.

On that basis Rota Horizon has the potential to perfectly help in the scenario, as the system understands what hours employees complete against what was expected of them. The system provides each department with a rota planning tool and the reports necessary to easily identify those regularly exceeding their contractual obligation so you can address this.

It’s this Rota Planner that enables each department manager to ensure they have adequate resource at all times, easily enabling them to see when they can allocate staff annual leave and lieu to combat this, while identifying cover to fill in the gaps. The system manages Annual Leave balances and Lieu balances too, so management can ensure staff take this.

Below highlights when a member of staff is taking Annual Leave Rota Horizon is prompting the manager to create a cover slot, ensuring the department doesn’t go short:

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So if you feel you could benefit from a Workforce Management, Time & Attendance solution then please do call us on 0800 854 471 or drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To read the article discussed please Click Here.

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