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What are your thoughts on 'zero hours' contracts?

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I came across the article today: “Can UK emulate New Zealand and ban zero-hours contracts?” It highlights what was seen as a major victory in making ‘Zero-Hours’ contracts illegal and by law, all employees must receive a minimum contract of 12 hours where they will be entitled to paid holiday and illness.

Sources from the articles believe that; “hundreds of thousands of Kiwis were employed on zero-hours contracts, which demanded availability for seven days a week with no guaranteed hours. As in the UK, the contracts were especially insidious in the fast-food, cinema, hotel and casino industries.”

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Do you need an office for your business?

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This was exactly the article that I came across today, highlighting with the ability to work remotely with a high level of efficiency, is an office still required when you don’t have to have one in modern day business?

The article addresses both sides, but the obvious reason to abandon the office or reduce the current amount of office space utilised, is to reduce unnecessary operational spend. If the job can still be achieved at a high standard without having to pay to overheads associated with a central location, it’s a logical move from a financial perspective to explore.

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How many hours do you currently work?


Today I came across the article: “Amazon introduces 30-hour work week for some employees who will keep the benefits of full-time workers” (Rory Tingle, Mail Online, 2016) It highlights the intentions for Amazon to provide a more attractive working environment for employees by reducing their contractual obligation.

The articles states: The company explained the move in a post on Eventbrite.com: ‘We want to create a work environment that is tailored to a reduced schedule and still fosters success and career growth. This initiative was created with Amazon’s diverse workforce in mind and the realization that the traditional full-time schedule may not be a “one size fits all” model.”

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Have your organisation introduced flexible working yet?


What hours do you currently work? Do you work more traditional office hours 9am til 5pm? Do you work 4 days on 4 days off? Perhaps you have a 5 week shift pattern that works in a cycle? If that is the case even though you shifts may differ they are predetermined shifts set by your management.

So what if you were told that you could dictate at least some of the hours that you work. Outside of some core hours when you had to be on site, you could determine when you completed the rest of your contractual obligation.

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Are you paying your staff the correct amount for the hours they have worked?

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I came across the article: “Sports Direct warehouse workers to receive back pay,” (Simon Goodley, The Gaurdian, 2016) which highlights how the major Sport Retailer was ensuring its bottom line was protected by unfairly penalising members in an unethical manner and making staff members complete tasks beyond their working hours unpaid

The articles states that: “Warehouse staff were required to go through searches at the end of each shift, during which their time was unpaid. They also suffered deductions from their wage packets for clocking in for a shift a minute late.”

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