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Could your employees benefit from a nap during their shift?

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I came across the article: Clocking off: the companies introducing nap time to the workplace. The article goes on to discuss the stigma attached to sleep, with it historically being seen as a sign of weakness and those that arrive to work earlier are held in higher regard.

However, as organisations modernise and more research is completed on the subject, in many workplaces it is being recognised as an effective way to increase productivity and ensure that staff remain motivated to work. The findings produced highlight that employees are able to work at optimum efficiency when well rested and the quality of their output is decreased as a result of fatigue.

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MUSTERD at UK Security EXPO, Olympia London


Here at Thinking Software we are demonstrating MUSTERD, the Evacuation Management and Emergency Roll-Call solution that integrates with Access Control. MUSTERD is a product that has stemmed from dated ways that this can be addressed in Time & Attendance and Access Control by producing unreliable roll call reports.

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When the fire alarm goes, has your organisation done all it can to ensure staff are safe?

Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training

I came across the article: “Fire safety in commercial premises” (https://www.lexology.com, 2017) which discusses how the tragic recent events at Grenfell Tower, have rightly prompted many commercial organisations to ensure they have taken the necessary precautions should disaster strike.

While many would see these things should be addressed because it’s morally correct and any business would want to ensure that its most valuable assets are as safe as possible, the article also looks at who’s liable in this scenario as well.

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What does your organisation do to try and maximise productivity?

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It’s the fine balance that Managers have to strike in order to ensure they are getting the best out of their staff whilst ensuring employees remain positive and enthusiastic about what they do. Achieving optimum productivity is the goal for all the seniors in any organisation and as a result it is down to them to create an environment where employees want to flourish.

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Could a shorter working week for your employees benefit your organisation?

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I know there are many sectors where working beyond your contractual obligation in terms of hours is very common. It appears that within the UK this is very much the norm, however with more adverse effects resulting from this prolonged working, more organisations are looking to address the issue.

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