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Do you trust the fire safety in your organisation?

Fire 04th September 18

I came across the article: Top bosses ‘don’t trust fire safety’ which for me, is unsurprising with recent events that have happened, most notably the Grenfell disaster. It would appear that management officials no longer have any faith in the current processes in place to ensure that people are safe. The article states:

Major fire hazards are threatening safety in hospitals, schools and other public buildings, senior managers revealed yesterday. Days before the Grenfell Tower disaster inquiry resumes, a survey of 500 “key decision-makers” for security products company Allegion showed almost half did not trust their properties’ safety procedures and 45 per cent believed difficulties were caused by design faults.

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Can you measure how productive your employees are?

Employees 20th of August

I came across the article: UK – Businesses lose up to 7 weeks a year of productivity due to worker procrastination, study finds.” (20 August 2018, https://www2.staffingindustry.com) As the title highlights the article is assessing the implications of employees being distracted at work and the effects that has on their performance.

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Access Control or Time & Attendance? Why not combine the two?

4 access control link

You may be looking at Access Control system for all the security benefits associated with implementing one, it certainly makes sense to do so. However some may be reluctant as they want an effective staff planning, Time & Attendance system but are unsure which to opt for or prioritise.

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How much does your organisation consider your stress levels?

stress 4

When it comes to employment everybody has different aspirations in terms of what they want to achieve from their job. Those who are career driven may well put in all the hours they can in order to secure a promotion or essentially get to where they want to be. Others on the other hand may see works as a means to an end and only do what’s expected of them.

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Is the summer holidays going to be a burden on your workforce?


I came across the article: “Out of Office on! – Preparing your workforce for the summer holidays.” (July, 2018, http://hrnews.co.uk) As the title suggests, it makes some very helpful suggestions to ensure you have minimal disruptions in your organisation with the expected high volume of staff taking their Annual Leave.

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