Paxton Integration

23 April 2020
Bringing puzzle pieces together, representing integration

Paxton Access Control is one of the world’s leading access control platforms. Our seamless Paxton integration combines the benefits of two powerful software solutions.

What is System Integration?

We have become so familiar with system integration that in many cases we don’t even think about it. Powerful things can happen when you combine two or more systems, and most importantly, they can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Thinking Software have done integrations with dozens of third-party applications, including access control, payroll, HR and visitor management systems. We aim is to provide our customers with the highest return on investment by utilising existing systems through close integration.

Thinking Software and Paxton

Thinking Software are proud to be partnered with Paxton. Paxton design and manufacture access control solutions and secure around 25,000 buildings globally. Thinking Software provide Paxton users with a seamless integration for both our time and attendance and evacuation management solutions.

Paxton and Rota Horizon

Rota Horizon is our time and attendance and workforce management solution. Rota Horizon allows you to plan shifts, allocate budgets and feed information to your payroll system. Rota Horizon is fully integrated with Paxton Net2 and reads directly from the events collected by the access control readers. As a worker swipes into a building, the Net2 readers send a token to the Net2 Controllers, which in turn pass the event to the Net2 database. Rota Horizon pulls this information into our database, where it is processed as a time and attendance record. All of the users in Net2 can also be synchronised with the Rota Horizon databases. This increases efficiency, reduces manual inputting of data and mitigates the risk of human error. Our clients save money by not being forced to invest in separate hardware. We simply use everything that is already there.

Paxton and Musterd

Musterd is our evacuation management solution. Whilst all access control systems tend to have some form of roll call or mustering lists, for organisations with multiple evacuation points, or for those who need a separate cloud-based solution, our Paxton/Musterd integration gives you the best of both worlds. Our integrations with Paxton Net2 allow us to pull data regarding who is on-site or off-site, and where they are located within a site. This information is critical in the event of an emergency, or fire roll call. Our dedicated Musterd devices allow for real-time roll call information to be available to everyone. Individuals can make themselves safe at a mustering point by simply tapping their Paxton card or fob to our mobile muster readers; ensuring you know who to account for in the event of an emergency.

Find Out More

If you are an end-user with a Paxton system, a Paxton installer, or if you would like to find out about any of our other integrations, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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