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23 April 2020
Rota Horizon Workforce Management Solution

Staff rota software provides users with a planning tool to manage employee shifts and department rotas. Planning rosters in advance provides both management and employees with more accurate forecasts on attendance and associated rota costs.

Rota Software Summary

Staff scheduling can be one of the greatest challenges faced by a business. The flexibility and functionality of staff rota software gives users at every level a chance to plan for lower payroll costs and better staff efficiency. Rota software provides real-time data and insights into different areas of your business, including time and attendance, staff planning, payroll, access control, schedules, reports and communications. It provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing staff rosters and payroll.

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 Manage Your Employees to Maximise Efficiency

Staff and rota planning are a crucial part of every organisation. Each department will have its own goals, and meeting them while staying within budget can be a complicated juggling act. Managers need to know that they’ve used their resources wisely to meet the requirements of the business across a range of shift-patterns and other flexible working arrangements. Rota software gives managers the tools they need to plan their employee scheduling and to make sure that their team is doing the work and hours they’ve been allocated.  It guarantees that information about the people in your business is available to the managers who need it, including who is doing what, when they’re doing it, and how much you’re paying them.

Staff Rotas

Produce staff rotas, improve efficiency, whilst reducing payroll costs and maintaining service standards

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Staff rotas are easy to create and manage, since good rota software prompts the user to pick the most suitable employee for a particular shift based on real data. This information allows you to:

  • Know the cost of each work period in advance
  • Adapt rotas and control the cost, depending on staff availability, leave and planned absences
  • Plan in advance, making sure you meet departmental budgets

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Using staff rota software enables you to plan department rotas and then see that you’ve got the right staff doing the right work at the right time. It also allows you to enhance safety and quality by letting the software make certain that employee hours stay within their agreed contracts.

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Rota planning software can also help to automate shift patterns, guarantee coverage levels and reduce admin costs and planning time.

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Such rota software can then scan planned rotas to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations and business policies, such as the minimum number of on-site fire marshals, first aiders and supervisor ratios. This ensures that surprises are avoided, and guarantees that your staffing levels comply with both safety and legal requirements, as well as meeting agreed service quality and delivery levels.

Rota Horizon

Rota Horizon is Thinking Software’s flexible workforce management system. It is a powerful and scalable management solution that gives you control and insight into different areas of your business; allowing you to plan effectively, giving you flexibility and saving you money.

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Rota Horizon can help you measure and manage the difference between planned and actual hours and costs. By using the Rota Approval tool, your Line Managers will be able to see the reasons for unexpected changes in scheduling, overtime and staffing levels. The rota software performs all of the elements that you would expect from one of the best staff rota systems on the market; improving the efficiency of your business, reducing your costs and even helping you to lessen your carbon footprint at the same time, by removing manual and paper processes.

It offers:

  • A self-service module, allowing employees to be more involved in their own time management
  • A range of reports that provide vital information in easy-to-read charts
  • An SMS module that helps communication with employees
  • Time and attendance records that capture employee swipe in and out times
  • Storage of important information about employees


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Increase the power and cut the cost of staff-planning and time-recording systems

Over the past 25 years, Thinking Software has become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of staff-planning software and time and attendance solutions.


Create template rotas to help benchmark your staff planning against agreed standards. Shifts are created within Rota Horizon to act as a template for staff members. Set the parameters to highlight if staff have arrived late, left early, or worked significant overtime.


Once actual hours have been worked, you’ll easily spot the differences between the original plan and the actual reality. Rota Horizon highlights these differences and helps Line Managers identify and manage them accordingly. Using Rota Horizon’s “Rounding Rules” will help to keep admin time to an absolute minimum. 


Once Managers have made any final adjustments, Rota Horizon can export to a number of popular Payroll Systems, removing the need to re-key complex payroll data and calculations.

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Rota Horizon is designed to simplify the job of understanding and recording your team’s working hours, as well as making absence recording as fast and flexible as possible. It’s simple, customisable and delivers the reports you’ll need to show what happened.

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What’s more, Rota Horizon gives every employee his or her own holiday profile. It’s easy to see how employees are accruing holiday time, and to ensure that your workforce gets the right amount of holiday without complicated reconciliations or guesswork. 

Rota Horizon provides managers with reporting tools to tightly control and manage any kind of absence. Whether it’s paid or unpaid absence, you’ll see how sickness and other absence types are building up, making all of this information readily available at payroll time. Rota Horizon also produces a special Bradford Factor Report, which can be used to manage and help reduce the frequency and duration of absence due to sickness. Absence reports are easily configured and can be scheduled to tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

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Rota Horizon’s Absence Management is powerful and customisable. It can cope with the most demanding and complex business rules.

Seamless Integration

At Thinking Software, we strive to give our customers the best value for money. We’re proud of the substantial number of seamless integrations we have with other powerful 3rd party applications, such as access control, HR and payroll solutions. These links reduce or even eliminate the cost of installing dedicated time-recording hardware, and also maximise efficiency by cutting down on the time needed to manage multiple systems. We have over 20 integrations and are partnered with some of the world’s leading software manufacturers resulting in significant returns on your investment.

Have the right staff - doing the right work - at the right time