person using employee self service feature

Employee Self Service

An Employee Self-Service App to Improve Workforce Communications and Build Better Teamwork.

RotaOne’s Employee Self-Service App lets your Workforce see their shifts, view their absences and outstanding entitlements, book annual leave and much more…

One App. One Price. RotaOne.

The Benefits

Cut down on the cost of communication and extra administration

Employees can book time-off, review their schedules, check their clockings, breaks, overtime – and so much more.

Allow Employees to request Overtime

Help your Employees to request Overtime and to work Unassigned allocated Shifts

Cut your spending on Agency Staff with RotaOne’s system for incentivising and helping your Workforce to pick up appropriate Unassigned Shifts in your Rota.

RotaOne can track GPS Locations

RotaOne can track Record GPS Locations when Employees clock-in using the Employee Self-Service App of clocking in/out events

If Employees clock-in remotely, RotaOne can show that they’re where you’d expect them to be…