person reading payroll reports

Payroll Reports

Control Your Payroll Costs, and Ensure Your Employees are Paid Accurately.

RotaOne gives your Managers a grip on their costs, and makes your Payroll Operations fast and accurate.

One App. One Price. RotaOne.

The Benefits

RotaOne keeps your payroll costs up to date

RotaOne keeps your payroll costs up to date, so you can report quickly and accurately.

Whether it’s for a Person, a Department or your whole business, RotaOne has your figures ready to go.

Produce Payroll Reports in a few clicks

Produce Payroll Reports and Payroll Outputs in a few clicks.

  • Whether you need a deep-dive into your costs, or a custom output for your Payroll System, RotaOne is there with the filters and formats to get the job done – on time.
  • Save the Admin Time and Money you spend on Manual Payroll Input.

RotaOne Payroll Budgeting

RotaOne Payroll Budgeting makes it easy to compare Planned & Actual Costs and Hours.

Give your managers the tools they need to understand their costs, and meet their Budget Targets.