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Shift Planning

Manage Your Entire Workforce With Simple, Flexible Shift Planning.

RotaOne makes your shift planning easy. Create ad-hoc shifts in seconds, or build complex rotating shift patterns in minutes. Make sure you’ve got the right amount of people – with the right qualifications and skills – in the right place, at the right time. Build Teamwork and stop confusion by keeping your employees up-to-date with the RotaOne Employee App. Control your staffing costs with budget planning. Monitor all your employee Working and Absence Time, all in one place.

One App. One Price. RotaOne.

The Benefits

Create, move or copy shifts

Create, move or copy shifts at the touch of a button

RotaOne makes it easy to create and manage shifts. Pick the person, the day and the times, and you’re done. Need to move or duplicate a shift? Then simply drag and drop it.

Easily manage shift patterns

Easily manage shift patterns

Shift patterns are a breeze to create and manage with RotaOne. Build patterns for your workforce, and then roll them out into the future with RotaOne Automation.

Set and track departmental budgets

Set and track departmental budgets

As you build Rotas for your workforce, you can set budget limits for each Department. Then let RotaOne check Budget Performance in real-time, and help your Managers see immediately if Budgets are broken.

Ensure your Staffing Levels are correct

Ensure your staffing levels are correct

To improve Safety and Efficiency, set minimum (and maximum!) levels of certain types of employees, such as those with first-aid skills or forklift-driver qualifications. Get real-time warnings when your staffing levels drop below your compliance thresholds.

Publish Rotas to your employees

Publish Rotas to your employees via the RotaOne Self-Service App.

Don’t waste time or paper sending emails or printing rotas from a spreadsheet. RotaOne’s Employee Self-Service App helps your workforce see and stay in-touch with their schedules, both past and future.

Switch with a click between rota views

Conveniently switch between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views

Get a grip on your Staff Rotas and Payroll Costs with our Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Rota Views. Costs, Hours, Budgets, Planned and Actuals – all in one place, a click away.

Filter your Rotas

Filter your Rotas by Departments, Shift Types, Jobs, Roles and Qualifications

Whether you’re checking who’s on holiday next month, or it’s an Emergency when you need to find a First Aider or a Supervisor, RotaOne has flexible, simple searching to deliver the information you need in an instant.

Stay within Contracted and Maximum Hours

Stay within Contracted and Maximum Hours

Employee contracts often control when or how long an employee can work. RotaOne can help your Managers stay inside these limits.

Help Employees See Unfilled Shifts and Find Overtime

Help Employees See Unfilled Shifts and Find Overtime

Quickly match Unfilled Shifts with Employees – with the right skills – looking for extra work! Your workforce can request to work these Unfilled Shifts directly from the Employee Self-Service App.