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Staff Annual Leave Planner

Easily configure, track and manage staff annual leave, no matter how complex your holiday policies.

Managing holidays can be time consuming and complex. RotaOne makes it easy. Whether your employees accrue holiday or have a contracted holiday entitlement, RotaOne can be configured to allow for deposits, withdrawals, accrual, overdrafts and carry forwards. Our holiday management feature will ensure the accuracy of your payroll and the sanity of your managers.

One App. One Price. RotaOne.

The Benefits

Easy to configure

RotaOne treats Holiday Management like a Bank Account. Easy to use, easy to understand.

Manage both Accrual and Contracted entitlements

Manage accrual and contracted entitlements

Whether Holiday Allowances are Fixed, Variable or Zero-Hour Based, RotaOne can show that the accruals and withdrawals are clear and correct.

Track of outstanding balances

Track of outstanding balances

RotaOne can report on Holiday Balances and Statuses with a few clicks.

A Self-Service App to Reduce Paperwork

A Self-Service App to Reduce Paperwork and Save Admin Time.

Your Employees can see their Holiday Balances, and request time off with the RotaOne Self-Service App.

Ensure the accuracy of your payroll

Ensure the accuracy of your payroll

RotaOne makes sure that Holiday Time payments are simple and accurate.