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Staff Rota Planner

Staff Rota Planning Software That Helps Cut Your Costs, Boost Your Efficiency and Build Your Team.

RotaOne’s Staff Rota Planner puts all of your Workforce Planning Tools in one place. You can view the rota as a summary (planned start and end times for each employee’s shift) or dive deeper to see what matters (including costs, hours, swipe times, shift names, job titles, budgets and more.). The Rota also shows if an employee is unavailable to work, or already working in another department.

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The Benefits

Various viewing options

Various Viewing Options

RotaOne helps you to switch between views of your Workforce, so you can focus on the tasks that matter. Whether you’re reviewing future shifts for the entire organisation for the next month or drilling down to one employee’s swipes for yesterday, RotaOne has the viewing options you’ll need.

Filter by individuals or departments

Filter by individuals or departments

Look at the whole organisation, a single department or even a single person – you can change your view with a single click.

Simple colour coding for Working and Absence slots

Simple colour coding for Working and Absence slots.

RotaOne helps you to create any type of slot that could appear on a rota. Onsite or Offsite working, Holidays and Annual Leave, Sickness, Furlough, Maternity…no limits, and the list is up to you. Each slot type fits into a category which can be individually colour-coded for a simple, at-a-glance understanding of your staff rotas.

estricted Access

Restricted access

Employee data is valuable and private. Access to sensitive personnel and payroll information need to be restricted to specific managers and administrators within your business. RotaOne helps you control that access with flexible role, rules and permissions.

Set Your Budgets

Set Your Budgets – then See Your Actual Costs

RotaOne helps you watch your Costs and Hours. Whether it’s the costs for a person, a department, a location or your whole business, RotaOne can help you set Budget Costs and then meet them.

Week Fortnight 4-week month  year views

Week / Fortnight / 4-week / Month / Year View

Simplify Planning, Forecasting and Team-Building with easy switching between current and long-term views of your workforce planning.