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Time And Attendance Software

RotaOne’s Time and Attendance System helps your Managers deliver Workforce Performance and Efficiency.

Our time and attendance software features a suite of tools to help you:

Our suite of time and attendance tools includes:

 Cut the cost of communication and extra administration

Mobile App

Reduce Paperwork, Save Admin Time and Streamline Workforce Communication with RotaOne’s Mobile App.

Key features:

  • Allows employees to see planned shifts to reduce accidental absences
  • Allows staff to view holiday entitlements, book annual leave and more
  • Helps employees increase income with the ability to view and request overtime or additional shift opportunities
  • Capture GPS data to ensure staff members clocking in remotely are doing so correctly
  • Works in most modern devices, including iOS and Android

Easy self-installation

Clocking Devices

RotaOne’s Range of Clocking Terminals helps Managers control Timekeeping and Improve Security.

Key features:

  • RotaOne supports a range of clocking in terminals and clocking machines including RFID, PIN, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint machines and other biometric devices
  • As partners with leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of clocking in machines, we can also provide clocking in terminals for hassle free self-installation
  • Devices are quick and easy to use with no staff training required

Roll Call Report

Roll Call

RotaOne’s Roll Call Solutions can help keep your Workforce Safe in an Emergency.

Key features:

  • RotaOne Roll Call is perfect for instant snapshots in an emergency
  • Create reports on-demand from anywhere
  • Musterd Roll Call (optional) is our advanced evacuation management system which provides real-time data to account for personnel
  • Musterd Sweep & Clear (optional) is perfect for large public places such as arena’s, shopping centres, etc where fire marshals need to ensure spaces have been cleared of personnel and visitors during an emergency