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Controlsoft Identity Access

Controlsoft has over 30 years experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of Access Control Solutions. Controlsoft’s Identity Access is a robust, feature-rich platform that delivers enterprise functionality at a competitive price-point. With over 10,000 systems in daily use around the world, Controlsoft is committed to excellence in products, customer service and support.

What Does the Integration do?

Step 1: RotaOne links to Controlsoft Identity Access, and imports
  • People
  • Departments
  • Door Readers
  • Access Events
Step 2: You decide which Controlsoft Identity Access Door Readers should be monitored as real-time “IN” and “OUT” Points for RotaOne Time & Attendance.

What Are the Benefits of the Integration?

  • Reduce your costs by using your existing hardware and infrastructure
  • Increase your efficiency by avoiding data duplication and human error
  • Automatically keep Controlsoft Identity Access and RotaOne in step with real-time synchronisation