Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance is an important part of your business process, and Horizon is there to make it easy for you to maintain accurate attendance records. We can capture employee swipe times from a range of supported data collection terminals, or use information from an Access Control or Point-of-Sale system.

Once employee swipe times have been collected, the data can be used to monitor Time and Attendance information about working hours, overtime, break length, contracted hours fulfilment, lieu hours, flexi-time and working time directive compliance.

Holiday, sickness and other absence can also be recorded and monitored.

Collecting Time and Attendance data

Using our range of swipe terminals, or perhaps data from an existing access control system, you will be able to collect reliable, accurate Time and Attendance data that can’t be adjusted or falsified.

If you’re using manual timesheets, you can’t be certain that they are always correct.

And since we’re talking about your payroll, and your money, your Time and Attendance data has to be accurate beyond doubt…

Using Time and Attendance data

Once you’ve collected accurate Time and Attendance data, your managers can use it to:

  • Calculate employee work and overtime hours
  • Manage your company flexi-time scheme
  • Monitor lateness, absence and break times
  • Record lieu hours
  • Check Working Time Directive Compliance

Record holidays, sickness and other absence

As well as collecting and using attendance data you will also want to record when your employees aren’t at work, and why not.

With Rota Horizon you can:

  • Manage holiday entitlement and plan annual leave
  • Monitor sick days and calculate Bradford Factor scores
  • Record other absence reasons that you can define in the system

Rota Horizon makes managing Time and Attendance easy