• Testimonial

    Malmaison & Hotel du Vin

    Lindsay Southward, Malmaison & Hotel du Vin

    Rota Horizon is an efficient and cost effective tool, the ROI is easily justifiable in payroll savings

  • Testimonial

    Village Urban Resorts & Hotels

    Carole Hill, Village Urban Resorts & Hotels

    Rota Horizon is a cost-effective and efficient solution to managing our staff rosters and payroll

  • Testimonial

    Macdonald Hotels

    John Rawcliffe, Macdonald Hotels

    The cost control provided by Rota Horizon gives us our competitive advantage

  • Testimonial

    Skene House

    Claudia McWhirter, Skene House

    The main reason for choosing Rota Horizon was the glowing recommendations from staff

  • Testimonial

    Kingsley Care Homes

    Daya Thayan, Kingsley Care Homes

    We simply could not manage our Staffing without Rota Horizon

  • Testimonial

    Glasgow Science Centre

    William Brannan, Glasgow Science Centre

    My favourite reports are the “Year View” and the “Contracted Hours Status” -- both of these are easy to navigate and give a fast picture of employee working-time issues

  • Testimonial

    Holiday Inn

    Heather Jones, Holiday Inn

    Rota Horizon gets staff to the hotel on-time, and this ensures that employees are paid for the actual time they’ve worked

  • Testimonial

    New Forest Hotels

    Jacqueline Henshall, New Forest Hotels

    Horizon is a really important part of our business, and we’d recommend Thinking Software to anybody in our industry – they’ve really helped us

  • Testimonial

    Somerset Care

    Keith Crockett, Somerset Care

    Rota Horizon has good "on-screen reports" - reports that actually look like a "shift roster" - so people see what they expect to see

  • Testimonial

    Crealy Adventure Park

    Angela Wright, Crealy Adventure Park

    We can easily ensure that the right person is always allocated to the right job

  • Testimonial

    Albert Bartlett & Sons

    Mandy Maxwell, Albert Bartlett & Sons

    Staff scheduling is one of our greatest challenges, we rely on Rota Horizon to help us meet it