Time & Attendance in the Construction Sector

In what other industry sectors can you find sites with such a multitude of different contractors all in one place, all working alongside each other?

Such environments can be extremely difficult to manage when it comes to the logistics of planning, scheduling and setting timelines. Within the Construction sector, contractors know that they have to track hours worked for a number of reasons. Not only is it crucial in understanding what work is being done, when, but there are also other elements to consider, including liability.

time and attendance for the construction sector

Efficient & Effective System

Ensuring there is an efficient and effective system in place for time and attendance is critical in saving both time and money. Gone are the days when paper timesheets were the best option for tracking working hours. With a good time and attendance solution, you can be sure of accurate time records that can be used to help make informed decisions going forward.

Construction sites are busy places, teeming with workers and activity from morning til night. Jobs and tasks vary hugely, with employees and contractors working across a range of specialities. Being able to keep track of the hours worked by every single individual on-site is no mean feat, but it is entirely possible and incredibly manageable with solutions like RotaOne from Thinking Software. The cloud-based system is one of the most exciting innovations in time and attendance management, accessible from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled device; however remote.

Such time and attendance software provides real-time employee time tracking and straightforward staff scheduling across any number of roles and trades. This flexibility and adaptability enable the construction sector to improve employee accountability, cut operational costs and increase productivity.

RotaOne can also easily be integrated with biometric access control systems to be certain that individuals clocking in and out are who they say they are; removing the age-old issue of buddy punching. By using biometrics for recording time and attendance, you can be sure of an accurate and cost-effective solution to the management of on-site employees. Whatever an individual’s trade, role or pay rate, systems like RotaOne can easily and effectively monitor and manage hours being worked. This ensures both accurate pay and straightforward forecasting for ongoing work and future developments.

The benefits

There are many benefits to using time and attendance. More specific advantages within the construction sector include:

  • Easy management of payroll and removal of issues that occur when you have a mix of salaried and hourly paid employees working on-site

  • Ensuring that contractors and employees are who they say they are when they clock in or out
  • Dashboards showing real-time clocking in data means that supervisors and managers can see exactly who’s on-site at a given time. Any shortfall in resources or skill-sets can be addressed quickly to keep projects on schedule
  • Use of a self-service app that allows employees and contractors to see available shifts and select personal unavailability to work time. This cuts down on huge amounts of communication time between management, planners and employees and the application can be configured to the actual structure of the company (across multiple sites)
  • Improvements with forecasting and scheduling can be made by aligning supply and demand, creating accurate schedules and eliminating overscheduling
  • Productivity can be increased by automating complex shift planning and allowing managers to spend more time on other tasks. Keeping track of all absences quickly and easily, can save time and improve accuracy to enhance productivity
  • Such customisable solutions accommodate a range of working patterns and rules, helping to minimise overpayments and reduce admin errors, as a result, improving payroll accuracy
  • Analytical tracking of employee/contractor attendance, ultimately leading to actionable insights can help improve ongoing strategy and goals. With access to a multitude of reports and real-time dashboards, you can ensure you are making the most informed decisions and enable immediate responses to changing site needs. When you work with subcontractors, you can see when their staff have been on-site, for how long, etc. and share this information with their management teams when reviewing schedules and performance
  • An advanced time & attendance software in a construction environment can enhance the way you manage scheduling, create greater clock in/out accuracy, and make your construction site more secure
To understand how you could save money, try out our ROI Calculator. By inputting your company figures, in terms of employees, pay periods, time spent on timecard processing and average hourly pay rates, the savings are instantly clear.
RotaOne’s intuitive reporting dashboard and online rota makes managing, reviewing and overseeing all elements of staffing easy. Ensure resources are in the right place at the right time by using an efficient time and attendance system to help your organisation track staff attendance accurately and to monitor the efficiency of your resources.