Time & Attendance for Hotels and Hospitality

Within the hospitality sector, keeping track of staff can be difficult at the best of times. Recently, Brexit and COVID-19 have both thrown additional challenges into the mix. Requirements to adapt staff rotas at short notice, planning for a variety of roles, split shifts, daily, weekly and seasonal demand, weekly payroll requirements, and often a high turnover of staff all go to make staff management something of a headache within the sector. The industry has many requirements that make a time and attendance system a valuable commodity.

time and attendance in the hospitality sector

Easy-to-use Solutions

With a multitude of jobs, many of which can be filled by staff whose roles and responsibilities vary daily, management and accuracy of staff tracking becomes complicated. Rather than manually creating and managing shifts and rotas, time and attendance systems offer scheduling software that can save time with both planning and organising. The system offers reliable and effective tracking, providing flexible working patterns, self-service, real-time data and an easy-to-use solution that results in considerable savings in both time and money. Similarly, with a multitude of events held within hospitality settings, a sophisticated and efficient workforce management system is essential.

Plan staffing & overtime effectively

Forecasting staffing requirements is also important when calculating precise costs and planning projects.

Working with greater precision can save businesses huge amounts of money, as they are able to plan staffing and overtime more effectively, and within budget.

Time and attendance systems, like RotaOne from Thinking Software, provide customised reporting features that allow studies of metrics that inform important management decisions.

Even for sites with multiple locations, the system is simple and intuitive, providing a centralised overview of all sites and statuses.

The benefits within the hospitality sector

  • Multi-location and multi-user management
  • Permanent, agency and temporary worker management
  • Easy planning of team rotas and schedules
  • Ability to create varied shift patterns, covering days, nights, and split shifts
  • The provision of a self-service module that allows employees complete oversight of their shifts
  • Real-time visibility over hours worked
  • Tracking of sickness, accrual, late arrivals
  • Recording of time spent on specific jobs
  • Management of paid and unpaid overtime
  • Exception management for lateness and missed shifts
  • Huge savings in payroll processing times
  • Removal of payroll errors

There are other benefits less specific to the sector, but just as relevant and important when planning rotas, particularly in efforts to save time and money.

Strategically manage your entire workforce, whether that’s salaried, hourly, full or part-time staff. Maximise efficiency and save money.

Rota One provides an easy-to-use, flexible workforce management solution that meets the complex requirements of the hospitality sector.
To understand how you could save money, try out our ROI Calculator. By inputting your company figures, in terms of employees, pay periods, time spent on timecard processing and average hourly pay rates, the savings are instantly clear.
RotaOne’s intuitive reporting dashboard and online rota makes managing, reviewing and overseeing all elements of staffing easy. Ensure resources are in the right place at the right time by using an efficient time and attendance system to help your organisation track staff attendance accurately and to monitor the efficiency of your resources.