Time and Attendance Software in the Manufacturing Industry

Time & Attendance within the Manufacturing sector is both commonplace and crucial in ensuring the right resources are in the right places at the right times. There are many unique challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Installing an effective time & attendance solution can offer both time and cost savings that can provide reassurance and accountability. The solutions provided by Thinking Software help such businesses save money and increase efficiency through accurate tracking of staff attendance, as well as management of hours, sickness, holidays and accrual.

time and attendance in manufacturing sector

Powerful Features

The powerful features of such a system, provide the ability to assess the performance of your employees, especially given the amount of out-of-office time associated with the manufacturing sector. With staff often out on site visits, it can be difficult to monitor working hours. Time and attendance systems allow easy tracking of staff hours, as well as tracking the amount of time it takes to do certain jobs, so allowing for more efficient staff planning and more accurate cost estimates.

Understand where your gaps are

Within Manufacturing, added complexities arise around shift management, job roles and in some cases, 24/7/365 working hours. Time & Attendance solutions provide the ability to create specific shifts that can be allocated to individuals based on experience, qualifications, job roles, etc. It allows you as a business to understand where your gaps are and enable you to fill them quickly and easily.

Overtime rules

Overtime shifts mean complex overtime rules and potential staff bonuses or additional payments. Manufacturing often involves multiple units or sites, all which can be managed effectively with a time and attendance solution, so saving time, money and providing a considerable return on investment.

Self-service tool

With the self-service tool that Thinking Software’s Time & Attendance solutions offer, staff also have the ability to sign themselves up for available shifts or to mark themselves as unavailable, so improving efficiency and increasing the speed at which rotas can be planned and filled.

Complete oversight

Where staff are carrying out on-site jobs in the manufacturing industry, safety is obviously of paramount importance. With a time and attendance system that is integrated with access control, you can monitor the location of all members of staff at any location, in real-time, so allowing you to have complete oversight in case of an emergency.

The benefits

The benefits of such solutions in the Manufacturing sector are clear:
  • Flexible management of people on shift patterns and ad hoc staff
  • Easy time-tracking of all jobs, which makes it easier to resource for future projects and provide better cost estimates
  • More effective supply and demand management to avoid under and over-staffing
  • Flexible pay rates and overtime options
  • Effective, advance rota planning
  • Manage last minute absences (such as absence due to COVID) more effectively
  • Real-time tracking to understand where resources are and where they need to be
  • Knowing who is where at any given time allows for all personnel to be accounted for in the case of an emergency on-site
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To understand how you could save money, try out our ROI Calculator. By inputting your company figures, in terms of employees, pay periods, time spent on timecard processing and average hourly pay rates, the savings are instantly clear.
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