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For the last 25 years, Thinking Software has provided Time & Attendance Systems to clients across the globe. Our systems manage the working time of over 100,000 employees worldwide, and each year we help to process over £2 billion in Payroll.

Now comes RotaOne -- a powerful new Time & Attendance and Workforce Management Solution.


RotaOne is suitable for organisations of any type or size.
Whether you want RotaOne in the Cloud or on your own premises, it’ll bring you

  • Flexible Rota Planning
  • Simple, Unlimited Shift Patterns
  • Accurate Payroll Output
  • Reduced Costs & Tailored Reporting
  • Efficient Absence Management
  • And so much more…

Book a demo today, to see how RotaOne can transform your business and streamline your workforce management process.

About Time & Attendance Systems

Time and attendance systems enable businesses to plan, monitor and report on their employees’ working hours. With wage costs being one of the highest expenditures for most businesses, it is vital that staff planning and wage management is as efficient and accurate as possible. By managing a workforce effectively, a business can significantly reduce costs, saving hours of administration time for managers. Time and attendance solutions can manage everything from rota and job planning, resources and wage calculations, all the time remaining compliant with the Working Time Directive. The ability for management to have real-time oversight of what their employees are doing, and when, provides opportunity to tackle absenteeism and increase productivity.

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Industries using UK Time & Attendance Systems

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry
Time & Attendance within the Manufacturing sector is both commonplace and crucial in ensuring the right resources are in the right places at the right times. There are many unique challenges faced by the manufacturing industry.

Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels and Hospitality
Within the hospitality sector, keeping track of staff can be difficult. Requirements to adapt plans at short notice, planning for a variety of roles, split shifts, daily, weekly and seasonal demand, weekly payroll requirements, and often a high turnover of staff all go to make staff management something of a headache within the sector.

Care Homes

Care Homes
The provision of time and attendance solutions for the healthcare sector, in particular Care Homes, is a growing sector for Thinking Software. The need to effectively oversee staffing in a 24/7/365 working environment is crucial in such healthcare settings.

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and Transportation
With significant increases in e-commerce sales in recent years, and particularly since the global pandemic of 2020, the pressure on logistics and transportation industries has drastically risen. Demand and expectation on fast delivery times and availability of goods puts pressure on the sector to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Retail Sector

Retail Sector
Now, more than ever before, many retail companies face an uncertain future. With ever-increasing competition, uncertain demand from customers, and increasing labour costs, it has become more important to tightly manage spend in order to survive.

Construction Sector

Construction Sector
Such environments can be extremely difficult to manage when it comes to the logistics of planning, scheduling and setting timelines. Within the Construction sector, contractors know that they have to track hours worked for a number of reasons.

Trusted by clients all over the world...

Employees managed
200 million+
Hours of payroll calculated per year
Intergrations to date
500 million+
Clock in/out per year
5 million+
Absences managed per year
£2 billion+
Payroll is calculated per year

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