Who Are We


Thinking Software is a committed, innovative supplier of Workforce Management and Time and Attendance solutions.

Our clients rely on us to provide systems which improve their time and attendance monitoring, human resources compliance and workforce resource planning.

Used by over 500,000 staff in hundreds of companies around the globe, Thinking Software helps its clients keep costs down, improve efficiency and provide greater insight into business performance.

With our combined expertise in software design and customer support we serve a wide range of sectors including hospitality, leisure and entertainment, care providers, manufacturers, construction sites, local authorities and education, retail and services.


Thinking Software was founded in 1994 by a group of Time and Attendance specialists and software designers.  The team had many talents, but only one purpose: to increase the power and cut the cost of Time and Attendance Solutions.

Over the last nearly 20 years, Thinking Software has become a respected supplier of Workforce Management Solutions and related products.

Our systems and solutions are used extensively in the hospitality, health-care, security, leisure, construction, manufacturing and service sectors.

Our clients and our partners rely on us for commitment, support and innovation, and we are proud to meet their needs.

So whoever you are, and whatever your business, we’re sure that there’s a way we can work together.