Advantages and Benefits of a Fire Roll Call Management System

23 April 2020
fire officers putting out flames

Fire roll call systems are essential in allowing Fire Marshals and the emergency services to safely account for employees and staff during an evacuation. Such roll call solutions are a must for businesses, in order to ensure an efficient evacuation in any emergency situation.

Installing a fire roll call system to complement a building’s access control or time and attendance systems can streamline a potential emergency evacuation.

Why should roll call be a priority in your business?

In an emergency, every second counts. Real-time roll call systems work to track personnel, so you know who’s where, when. Businesses must be able to ensure the safety of their personnel at all times, and a fire roll call management system can do this quickly and easily. If, for example, there is a fire on-site, you need to know where all of your employees are and you need to be able to collect this information instantly. Waiting for a printed list is a lengthy process, that could put lives at risk.

Such time and attendance systems collect employees clocking in and clocking out data and integrate in real time with the fire roll call system itself. This then produces a real-time onsite listing and report of all personnel, employers and employees, which is triggered as soon as the alarm goes off. This works in the same way for visitors and contractors to the site, who can be processed onsite from within the fire roll call system, in the same way, so that there’s a comprehensive list of everyone needing to be accounted for.

The system then works to allow individuals to mark themselves as ‘safe’ by a variety of means, so there is always an up to date list of people who are away from danger, as well as a list of those still unaccounted for, and their last registered location.

Advantages and Benefits of a Fire Roll Call Management System

  • Real-time roll call; Automatic and up to date onsite information directly to the app
  • Eliminates printed onsite listings which can be impractical in rain, wind and difficult to read in the dark
  • Automatically accounts for all people on-site
  • Removes the potential for human error at times of emergency
  • Quickly identifies people ‘at risk’ and their most recent location
  • Provides emergency services with vital information in an emergency
  • Clear, instant and accessible information of safe and missing people
  • Reduces downtime on evacuation drills
  • Saves time and money
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Hosted and operated off and on-site
  • Provides peace of mind to you and your staff

At Thinking Software, we offer two solutions in one. A real-time roll call, mustering solution and a sweep & clear solution, that enables organisations to clear a site in an emergency, account for the safety of personnel, and report back to the emergency services on areas cleared, anyone not accounted for, and the area that those missing were last present in.

  • Musterd Roll Call is an evacuation and roll call system, specifically designed to help people assemble and stay safe in a fire or other emergency.
  • Musterd works alongside your access control. It, therefore, knows who is onsite, so can improve your roll call process and help you find anyone who’s missing in an emergency.
  • Musterd helps ensure the safety of your personnel during an emergency. With Musterd, you know who’s where, when.

Musterd roll call can be installed as a standalone solution or fully integrated with your access control system or time and attendance solution. It will give you real-time information across multiple devices, so that you know who to account for in the event of an emergency.

Sweep & Clear can be deployed with Roll Call, or as a standalone solution for sites without access control. Sweep & Clear helps you monitor the status of your sweep and clear process in real-time, and also protects your Fire Marshals as they work to make your site safe.