How Do You Currently Manage Agency and Zero Hours Contract Employees?

23 April 2020
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As a manager, remaining informed about the changes in legislation that affect your members of staff is tough, to say the least. Managing your full-time paid members of staff can be challenging at the best of times, so keeping on top of amendments to regulations regarding employees on other kinds of contracts is, most certainly, a taxing task.

I came across the article: "Workplace reforms 'will protect gig economy workers" (17 December 2018) which discusses new ideas that are being introduced to try and provide employees, who aren't on full time contracts, with greater security and stability from their employer. The articles states that:

"Under new legislation, [introduced on Monday 17th December 2018], staff would have to be told details of their rights from their first day in a job, including eligibility for paid and sick leave. Workers would also be given the right to request more predictable hours."

Contracts that offer no guarantee of work for an employee on any given work will always be met with mixed opinion, as they can potentially leave an individual with no way of financing their lifestyle. However for parents working part time and students that can represent the ideal form of employment to supplement their studies and family.

So How Does This Apply to Us Here at Thinking Software?

We are a committed, innovative supplier of Workforce Management and Time and Attendance solutions.

We have developed our products to be usable, powerful and flexible. We understand that every business is unique, so our solutions are highly-configurable and can be customised to meet your requirements. We have in-house development resources to design and deliver the results you need.

RotaOne is a powerful, scalable and flexible workforce management solution that gives you control, knowledge and insight into different areas of your business, including time and attendance, staff planning, payroll, access control, schedules, reports and communications.

With RotaOne being your Workforce Management, Time & Attendance tool, this is the place where you empowered as an organisation by having a platform to remain compliant around staff contract rules. Line Managers are responsible for managing their department rotas where they are able to select staff based on the rules that apply to them in their contract.
The screenshot below highlights the RotaOne platform, where managers have the ability to select staff members based on different parameters. 'Guaranteed hours' is a popular method of ensuring staff with a specific number of hours in their contract, secure these on a weekly basis, before using additional staff like 'zero hours' and 'agency', that can be filtered too.

RotaOne Rota

Each employee has their own holiday profile, that can be bulk-assigned to groups, or staff can have their own specific one. This profile is where the new holiday legislation will be applied to agency employees in RotaOne, and this will calculate their entitlement, based on the hours they have worked throughout the year, taking into account the full 52 weeks.

The system also has the ability to record incidents and scenarios that have occurred with an audit trail. This is how RotaOne can be utilised to assist with ensuring that staff have been provided with their 'Statement of Rights'. It will also record all forms of absence so it can be paid correctly and provide a full audit trail of pay rates for individuals, as well as when they have been amended.

This is just an insight into how RotaOne can help organisations with the challenges that organisations have to face from a workforce management perspective. To gain a more in-depth understanding of how the system can help you and your business, please click here to register for a web demonstration.

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