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“From the original system to the system that we now have, RotaOne has met all of our needs.”

Towards the end of 2020, Thinking Software was approached by Parseq; a Rotherham-based business that provides document processing services to companies and government bodies in a high-security environment.

Their requirement was for a Time & Attendance system that could track and monitor the hours worked by contractors over a 6-month period. These contractors were being temporarily hired to process government census documents. From March 2021, the usual 200 members of staff had to be increased to 1200 for the processing of online and postal questionnaires as part of a major government project.

Parseq required a trusted, reliable system that could manage the contracted members of staff for a specific, limited timeframe. It had to allow the client to track the contractors’ time and attendance efficiently whilst not impacting the deliverables.

Thinking Software’s main point of contact at Parseq was Archie Sneath who was set with the task of Project Managing the rollout and delivery. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for such a discrete but specific project, he went out to market. Archie had previously heard about Thinking Software and the Time & Attendance solution, RotaOne from working on another project where Time & Attendance had been required alongside access control, and it was from this previous intelligence that he requested contact with us as it seemed like the perfect solution for the requirements of the project.

One of the obvious benefits that RotaOne offered Parseq was very much around the price, set at just £3 per person/month. We were also able to build a bespoke package to suit the project, which allowed us to meet all of the requirements set.

“RotaOne allowed us to enter our requirements into the system and gave us exactly what we needed in order to track the sudden, significant increase in contractors. We knew exactly who had worked what hours which made the payroll process so easy.

The people that we worked with were incredibly helpful throughout the process. As one of the early adopters of RotaOne, we got a bespoke service from the outset, which was a huge plus. For many Software Companies, it’s all about acquiring new business, with less focus on maintaining and nurturing. With Thinking Software, it wasn’t just the initial sales pitch. The support we got was very much focused on us and our objectives and requirements.

The functions of RotaOne are incredible as a T&A System and this is growing further as the system continues to develop.”

Armed and ready with a world-leading time and attendance solution, the installation of RotaOne encountered a few slight delays, which were handled by the in-house Support Team. Despite these ‘snagging’ issues, delivery of the system met its target date of March 1st 2021, thanks to the maintained communication throughout, with daily touchpoints and training being provided. Thinking Software’s Support Team was also there and available on 1st March for the onboarding of all of the new contractors, to ensure everyone was set up correctly in the system. Of course, with a project of such a scale and with such limited time, there were the odd, unavoidable issues, which were quickly handled because our team was there with an abounding knowledge of the system. It is often at the point where challenges are encountered that a company has the opportunity to define itself and we are proud to have a ‘get the job done’ attitude throughout our company.

Through the first few weeks of the project starting, we ensured daily touchpoints with the client, so that we could fix any issues before they even became a problem. We ensured that our support staff were on-hand so that everything could be sorted at the first point of contact. Throughout the project, Parseq relied less and less on that available support.

“The package that we got blew any competitors out of the water in terms of price, system and support, even down to the reporting, which was exactly what we needed. We have been able to keep track of absence, lateness, and staff base effectively which has enabled us to deliver the project successfully.”

Despite the original requirement of the project just being short-term over the period of census processing, use of the Time & Attendance system proved so successful and easy to use that the data processing branch of Parseq have decided to keep it on and are now utilising it day-to-day. RotaOne has reduced admin time for team managers and has meant that there are no elements of timekeeping and pay that have to be handled manually.

Archie commented

“This is the first T&A system I have implemented and it was everything I could have hoped for. The people and support at Thinking Software was amazing. They went above and beyond to get it delivered successfully. At no point were we left to our own devices. We were supported throughout, whenever it was needed.”

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