person reading exported payroll report

Payroll Exports

An Employee Rota That Puts Everything You Need At Your Fingertips.

RotaOne’s employee rota puts everything you need in one place. You can view the rota as a summary (planned start and end times for each employee’s shift) or you can toggle between more comprehensive views (including actual swipe times, shift name, job title, costs etc.). The rota also allows you to see if an employee is working in another location or is unavailable to work.

One App. One Price. RotaOne.

The Benefits

RotaOne keeps your payroll costs up to date

RotaOne keeps your Payroll Data ready for Export

RotaOne is designed to continuously update your Work Schedules with correct, up-to-date Pay Rate values.  This means that your Payroll Costs are always pre-calculated and ready for Reporting and Payroll Exports to your HR or Payroll System.

Produce Payroll Exports in a few clicks

Produce Payroll Exports in a few clicks

RotaOne securely delivers Custom Payroll Outputs in the format and frequency of your choice. Each Output is ready for processing by your Payroll System, HR Platform or Payroll Bureau.

Payroll Budgeting keeps your Managers informed on their Costs and Targets

Managers are under pressure to deliver Quality, Efficiency, Safety and Cost-Control. RotaOne Payroll Budgeting helps Managers build Compliant Work Schedules and Shift Patterns for the Departments under their Control. When Budget Targets are missed, the colour goes RED.