Time and Attendance for the Retail Sector

Now, more than ever before, many retail companies face an uncertain future. With ever-increasing competition, uncertain demand from customers, and increasing labour costs, it has become more important to tightly manage spend in order to survive.

time and attendance for the retail sector

Time and Attendance Solutions

To stand a chance in today’s market, retailers need to change with the evolving way in which customers purchase. Gone are the days of brand loyalty, and as such, retailers have to consider how to find new and innovative ways of appealing to buyers. With a range of challenges to face, managing employees’ hours and pay shouldn’t be one of them. Significant time and money can go into staffing costs. Not only is it costly in monetary terms, it can be incredibly time-consuming keeping track of hours worked, holidays taken, sickness and overtime.

The solutions

Time and attendance solutions provide an efficient, flexible way to track hours and ensure accurate pay for hours worked for each employee. They work to increase productivity and efficiency; tracking and reporting on everything that can affect the work of your employees.

With a good time and attendance system, time can go into mentoring and training staff and focusing on customers, rather than on scheduling shifts or checking in on staff productivity.

Reduce time spent

Reduce time spent on scheduling, improve workforce efficiency, optimise staff planning and reduce labour costs. With a solution like RotaOne Thinking Software’s cloud-based time and attendance and shift management solution, you can accurately record employee’s clock in and clock out times, even across multiple locations.

It provides real-time oversight of what employees are doing and seamless integration with payroll, as well as advanced access control integrations.

Self-service feature

The self-service feature allows employees to view shifts, request holiday, check on entitlements, etc. essentially meaning that your workforce can manage their own planned absences, without having to speak to their supervisor.

Limits can be set on how many people can book off planned absences on any particular day, so employees can instantly know if an absence request is likely to be accepted.

The benefits

There are many benefits to using time and attendance. Specific advantages within the retail sector include:

  • A self-service app that allows staff to see available shifts and select personal unavailability to work time. This cuts down on huge amounts of communication time between management, planners and employees and the application can be configured to the actual structure of the company (across multiple sites)
  • Improve forecasting and scheduling by aligning the supply and demand and creating accurate schedules and eliminating overscheduling
  • Time and attendance removes the potential for errors when employees manually record their time. It also takes away the need to read timesheets and manually enter the data, and eliminates the possibility of time theft
  • Improve productivity by automating complex shift planning and allowing managers to spend more time on adding real value. Keep track of all absences quickly and easily, save time and improve accuracy to enhance productivity
  • Management of temporary, part-time, full-time, and contract employees. Managers can monitor employees, regardless of the type of schedule they are on
  • A customisable solution that accommodates a range of working patterns and rules helps to minimise overpayments and reduce admin errors, as a result, improving payroll accuracy
  • Analytical tracking of staff attendance can lead to actionable insights to improve organisational strategy and goals. With access to a multitude of reports and real-time dashboards, you can ensure you are making the most informed decisions and enable immediate responses to changing business needs
To understand how you could save money, try out our ROI Calculator. By inputting your company figures, in terms of employees, pay periods, time spent on timecard processing and average hourly pay rates, the savings are instantly clear.
RotaOne’s intuitive reporting dashboard and online rota makes managing, reviewing and overseeing all elements of staffing easy. Ensure resources are in the right place at the right time by using an efficient time and attendance system to help your organisation track staff attendance accurately and to monitor the efficiency of your resources.