RotaOne’s Absence Management Software Helps Companies Reduce Workplace Absenteeism

21 March 2022
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In our previous blogs, we have talked generally about absenteeism, The Bradford Factor and ways to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. In this article, we want to cover the features of RotaOne in relation to absenteeism and absence management and list the top five benefits.

RotaOne’s Absence Management Features

Employee App

RotaOne includes an intuitive employee self-service portal and app that allows employees to log in and view their outstanding entitlements, request holiday, view the status of their requests and check their own rota. It is very simple to use, requires no training and best of all - it is free!

Manager Notifications

RotaOne’s absence management module notifies managers of new requests making it simple and quick to view staffing levels for the department, advertise unallocated shifts and ensure compliance. The notifications are delivered straight to your inbox.

Flexible Controls

RotaOne is highly configurable and provides controls to manage all types of absence, both planned and unplanned as well as paid and unpaid absence types. Absence accounts can be set up for any type of absence. Each account (or absence type) is independently configured so that entitlements can be managed in accordance with your absence policies. For example, employees may be allowed to carry over five days of the holiday entitlement into the following annual leave year, but they may be required to take that leave within the first 90 days of that year. No matter how complex your requirements may be, RotaOne can automate your processes.

Rota Integration

RotaOne is much more than just an absence management solution. The absence management module is part of one of the world’s most powerful time and attendance and staff planning solutions. One of the key features of RotaOne is how the absence management module is integrated with the staff rota. When absence is authorised, RotaOne automatically swaps out the working shift for the absence and calculates the changes that affect payroll. The system will also notify managers if the absence will affect the department’s minimum staffing levels. For example, if the production department requires a minimum of two first-aiders, employees can be ‘attached’ to certain types of qualifications and if too many employees request to take holiday at the same time, the system will generate a warning that, should the request be authorised, the staffing levels of first aid qualified employees will go below the minimum.

Payroll Integration

RotaOne has the ability to integrate with any payroll system. There are many elements that determine how much employees get paid at the end of a pay period. Whether you pay employees weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly or you have a combination of pay periods, RotaOne seamlessly provides payroll data for any payroll system and automatically calculates the adjustments relating to absences.


Absences don't just relate to holidays and sickness, they can relate to daily absence in the form of late arrivals or early finishes. RotaOne can easily be configured to deal with these ‘exceptions’. Anything that deviates from what a business expects relating to the time and attendance of employees can raise an ‘exception’. RotaOne provides management alerts and an intuitive visual interface giving managers the information that they need when they need it. Historic data is also stored and can be reported at a later date.

Absence Reporting

RotaOne has a sophisticated and powerful reporting suite. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. RotaOne records absences in real-time and the reporting suite allows you to analyse all historic absence records. Say goodbye to to-and-fro emails and spreadsheets.

The reports are easily configured and can be run as required or pre-configured and automatically scheduled to be delivered to your inbox at a scheduled time and frequency that suits you.

Five Benefits of RotaOne’s Absence Management Module?

There are many benefits that a properly implemented absence management system can bring to any business. Here are the top five benefits:

1. Reducing payroll costs

Payroll costs are one the biggest expenses to all businesses and so accurate processing of absence is one of the most important ways of reducing payroll costs. Utilising absence management software will ensure that paid and unpaid absences are processed as required and in accordance with your absence management policies.

2. Increased productivity

Maximise your productivity by effectively managing your workforce. Absence management software allows you to quickly and easily allocate the right cover for pre-planned and unplanned absences. Ensuring that you have the right people in the right place at the right time.

3. Increased efficiency

Bring all of your systems and processes into one place. Avoid mistakes and data duplication. Create a seamless way of communicating with your employees, giving them access to a platform where they can easily request absences, view outstanding balances and check their upcoming shift patterns and rotas.

Manually processing payroll and the effects of absence can be extremely time consuming and can lead to human error. Introducing an effective absence management system can literally give your payroll processing team hours back in their working week.

4. Accurate reporting

Reporting is a crucial part of absence management. When did the staff take time off? How much time did they take off? Who authorised the absence? What outstanding holiday does an employee have? What cover is needed? These are all frequent questions that department managers and HR personnel have to answer. An absence management system empowers employees to be able to access their own data and gives managers a suite of reports at their fingertips, dramatically reducing time spent on reporting and communication.

5. Equality and transparency

RotaOne gives organisations a platform that ensures equality and transparency. When it comes to absence management, all employers must comply with their statutory and internal policy obligations. RotaOne will provide you with all of the information you need to improve levels of compliance and reduce absences and associated costs with simple to understand, transparent reporting.

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