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Benefits of a Biometric Time and Attendance System

Attendance issues in an office

What is a Biometric Time & Attendance System?

Keeping an accurate record of staff attendance is an important aspect of any business. Are your staff fulfilling their contractual obligations? Do employees work excessive overtime? Do you know who to account for in the event of an emergency? These are just some of the questions that can easily be answered by introducing a biometric time and attendance system.

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Clocking In Machines - A Definitive Guide For Employers

A Suprema Biometric clocking in machine with fingerprint reader and time display


Using clocking in machines to monitor the attendance of employees is an extremely effective way of processing when staff arrive and when they leave. This can be useful for many different reasons, including the processing of time cards for hourly-paid employees, ensuring that salaried staff are fulfilling their contracted hours or even determining who to account for in an emergency. When you have an efficient way of collecting the data relating to the comings and goings of staff and connect this data to time and attendance, staff planning or roll call apps, you can realise significant benefits in cost-savings, increased productivity and risk mitigation.

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How To Plan a Staff Rota That Keeps Everyone Happy

Two people making plans in a calendar


Staff rota planning does not have to be complex or time-consuming. The bigger the organisation, the more important rota planning and potentially the more stressful it becomes. Even small businesses, for example, those in the hospitality industry, can find rota planning a challenge. But fear not. There are a number of ways that you can streamline your rota planning and shift scheduling, saving as much as 70% of a businesses rota management time.

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What is the Bradford Factor and how can it help you manage absenteeism?

zoom call  with absent coworkers

Every business has them: employees who always seem to be off with something – cold, migraine, sick relative, burst pipe.

These short, frequent, unplanned absences are more disruptive for managers and colleagues than longer-term, less frequent absences. Left unchecked they can be harmful for your business operations and bottom line.

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Buddy punching. What is it? And how can you punch back?

A graphical illustration of a person enjoying a drink surrounded by nature, whilst a large work clock ticks on.

Are your staff time thieves? No? What about the worker who keeps the clock running while they’re on the phone to their partner? Or spends hours at their desk posting pictures on Facebook and checking their Insta feed?

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How a Paxton time and attendance integration with RotaOne could benefit your business

Time & Attendance Integration

Yin and Yang, Fish and Chips, Ant and Dec – sometimes two things belong together. RotaOne and Paxton are no exception.

Paxton Access Control is one of the world’s leading access control platforms. Our seamless Paxton integration combines the benefits of two powerful software solutions.

Our own innovative time and attendance software and Paxton’s access control system, Net2, each work brilliantly as standalone solutions. But together they’re like Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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How Time & Attendance Can Help Covid Tracking and Tracing

tracking and tracing individuals at work

The concept of the NHS test and trace has been around for some time. Similarly named, the track and trace system refers to the process of determining current and past locations of items, property and, more recently, people. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, track and trace has taken on a whole new premis. When the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the easing of restrictions relating to COVID-19, allowing businesses to start re-opening, he asked that they help the government in their efforts to track and trace infected individuals.

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Time & Attendance for Care Homes

woman in care home

Managing a care home can be a challenge. Care homes provide around the clock accommodation and personal care for people who need extra help and support in their daily lives. This in itself is no mean feat, with the absolute necessity of focus on every individual and their needs, safeguarding, care plans, reviews and incidents. Managing staff hours is an extra burden that should therefore be made as straightforward as possible so that focus can remain where it is most required: on the residents.

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What is Rota Planning Software, and how can it help your business?

clocks depicting start and end of shift for time and attendance

In any business, managing when and how your staff work is an important consideration. Depending on your industry, shift work and managing shift patterns can be a very complex task. This depends on the type of work that needs doing, as well as where and who needs to oversee the employee activity. Managing resources means understanding what needs to be done and then allocating who needs to do it and where and when it the activity takes place.

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Must-Have Features of Time and Attendance

Features of time and attendance solutions

Time and Attendance has been around for over a century. One of the earliest examples of a time clock was patented by Willard Le Grand Bundy, in 1890. Known as The Bundy Clock, it went into mass production in the late 19th century and was used by many organisations around the world to calculate the working hours of employees. Thankfully, the process of stamping an employee card has moved on somewhat. Demand from businesses looking to leverage the benefits and cost savings associated with time and attendance solutions, has given rise to a rapidly expanding industry. The time and attendance market is now estimated to be worth over $1.7 billion. Suppliers of time and attendance solutions are always looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. So, what are some of the ‘must-haves’ of a time and attendance solution?

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How Time and Attendance Can Help Save Businesses Money

An image of a clock and a selection of coins, depicting money savings

Controlling costs in any business is one of the most critical elements of sound financial management. Staffing costs are usually one of the biggest categories of spend for most businesses. This is why it is important to make staff planning and wage calculations as efficient and accurate as possible. Many organisations around the world have chosen to invest in time and attendance systems in order to achieve efficiencies and savings. This article discusses some of the ways a time and attendance system can help businesses save money.

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Benefits of Time & Attendance Integration

man using digital interface

This article covers the benefits and other considerations of time and attendance integration. Whether you are considering an integration with access control, payroll or any other application, this article is designed to help you understand the potential advantages.

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10 Key Benefits of Time and Attendance

Employee Benefits

Staff are the most important and often the most expensive resource for most businesses. It is important to manage your workforce effectively to get the most out of your investment. Effective rota planning and ensuring your employees are doing the right job at the right time will maximise productivity. Businesses around the world have been recording time and attendance of their staff for decades. Gone are the days when individual cards need to be punched by a machine and a team of administrators had to pay cash to people based on their hours worked.

In this digital age, sophisticated time and attendance solutions can manage everything from your advanced rota planning and job planning, ensuring you have all of your required resources in place, right through to automatically and accurately calculating an individual’s pay.  This article looks at 10 key benefits of time and attendance.

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Timekeeping Becomes Mandatory in the EU

Sand-timer representing time

Back in May 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled to make recording of employees’ working time mandatory. The ruling creates a system that enforces workers’ rights, specifically under the charter of fundamental rights and the EU's working time directive, the latter of which outlines maximum working hours as well as minimum daily and weekly rest periods for employees.

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Rota Software

Rota Horizon Workforce Management Solution

Staff rota software provides users with a planning tool to manage employee shifts and department rotas. Planning rosters in advance provides both management and employees with more accurate forecasts on attendance and associated rota costs.

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How Do You Currently Manage Agency and Zero Hours Contract Employees?

Office working space

As a manager, remaining informed about the changes in legislation that affect your members of staff is tough, to say the least. Managing your full-time paid members of staff can be challenging at the best of times, so keeping on top of amendments to regulations regarding employees on other kinds of contracts is, most certainly, a taxing task.

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