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RotaOne Teams Up With
Gallagher Access Control

The Gallagher Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher security’s integrated solutions, providing a centralised program designed to give you complete site control.

What Does the Integration do?

First, RotaOne links to Gallagher Access Control, and imports
  • People
  • Departments
  • Door Readers
  • Access Events
Next, you decide which Gallagher Door Readers should be monitored as real-time “IN” and “OUT” Points for RotaOne Time & Attendance.

Your Gallagher data comes alive in RotaOne…

A selection of device screens showing examples of RotaOne's software in operation. Includes stylised views of staff management, rota planning, list of jobs and administration screens.

What are the benefits of the RotaOne Integration with Gallagher Access Control?

  • Reduce your costs by using your existing hardware and infrastructure
  • Increase your efficiency by avoiding data duplication and human error
  • Automatically keep Gallagher and RotaOne in step with real-time synchronisation


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RotaOne's Staff Rota & Shift Planner

Use your Gallagher Data to get a grip on your workforce management. RotaOne is an all-in-one solution which offers:
  • Shift patterns
  • Budget and control
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Real-time view of employee availability
self service icon

RotaOne’s Self Service App & Portal

Use your Gallagher Data to boost Team Communication:
  • Give your employees quick visibility of their schedules
  • A portal to check holiday entitlements
  • Request annual leave
  • Book overtime
  • Clock-in remotely and much more
holiday icon

RotaOne’s Holiday and Absence Management

Use your Gallagher Data to give your Managers and Admin Team better control:
  • Holiday and Absence Planning -- RotaOne’s “bank-account”-style Absence accounting makes Holiday and Sickness records easy to understand.
  • RotaOne is legally compliant and compatible with your payroll and HR systems.

roll call icon

RotaOne’s “Musterd” Roll-Call App

Use your Gallagher Data to drive Musterd, RotaOne’s dynamic Roll-Call App:
  • Musterd replaces clumsy and inaccurate paper roll-calls
  • Musterd can help you meet your roll-call and Safety obligations
  • Generate a Roll-Call Audit Report to prove your commitment to emergency safety across your site
Person using staff rota planner feature

Your People are your most valuable asset, and probably your biggest expense.

Make the most of them – and get the best from your labour cost – with RotaOne.

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RotaOne’s Payroll & Reporting Tools

Use your Gallagher Data to populate your Payroll and Reporting Output.
  • RotaOne’s Payroll & Reporting Suite makes your business information available – fast -- to the people who need to see it
  • RotaOne supports your budgets, payroll outputs and business statistics
  • Provides helicopter-views of the health of your operations – all these and more come straight out of RotaOne with a few clicks
  • Your data is safe – RotaOne is built to protect your data and keep it away from unauthorised eyes

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